Adobe Workplace HQ -W12 San Jose

The 12th floor at Adobe’s Headquarters in San Jose was developed to empower a rapidly evolving workforce with a floor plan that encourages flexibility and collaboration. The interior architecture design contrasts essential private conference rooms and low-partitioned stationary desks with “touch-down” spaces, informal meeting spaces, a game room and a cafe with booth seating. The entire floor is branded with graphics and marketing collateral which were collected from Adobe’s Creative Department. To pay homage to a division within the Adobe business, each of the rooms are named after a typeface from the Adobe Foundry beginning with the letter ‘H’. Translucent window film, featuring the letter ‘H’ in the corresponding typeface, not only provide privacy for the meeting spaces but also brand the environment. The entire project was curated, designed and installed in less than two months.

Environmental Branding, as seen here, repurposed the company's core value graphics as privacy window film on their game room. 
Following their naming convention, we branded the space with fonts from their collection of typefaces.
Corporate Campaign art is elevated as a wall mural and as floating artwork. 
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