Three Installations @ SanDisk HQ with VDTA

Working parallel with the architectural refresh of the campus. We worked collaboratively with the communications team at Sandisk to define a “Sandisk Story” and integrate it into the prominent architectural spaces. The public entry of the campus engages visiting executives, recruits and the internal workforce. Each of the installations shares a portion of the “story”, focusing specifically on events and innovations that have shaped SanDisk as a leader in the tech sector. A Timeline of Innovation, located just off of the lobby, acts as a chronological overview of the company legacy. A Patent Wall exhibits of 900 patents, around 1/3 of the total within the company’s portfolio, is a key element of the 2nd floor of the main lobby. Finally, residing outside the main campus auditorium, the World Wide Locations displays Sandisk’s various offices around the world.

Architecture by Valerio Dewalt Train -West. Installations by Lacey Engelke with VDT. 
Timeline of Innovation designed by Lacey Engelke with VDT. 
World Wide Office Locations Installation. -And a peek of the campus wayfinding graphics
The Patent Wall @ SanDisk. Patent Wall featuring 1/3 of the current patents owned by Sandisk.
Typical Patent
Patent cover pages seen here are scaled down 60% directly printed on first surface of the acrylic, back painted white and mounted to the larger panel. Panels suspended with hardware along the curvature.
Wayfinding designed by VDT. 
Wayfinding inspired by carpet.
Architectural facade by VDT. 
Photos copywright of David Wakely 
Architecture by VDTA 
Art Direction and Branded Environments by Lacey Engelke with VDTA
Photography Copyright David Wakely Photography 
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